Service, Repair, Modification Refurbish & Restoration

Service & Repair includes component level repairs of virtually all parts of a device. While some newer devices are not repairable – primarily low-cost devices – many pieces are, like power supplies, amplifier outputs, mic preamps, processors and others.

Services are available for:

  • Professional analog tape recorders
  • Professional audio mixers
  • Vintage and current mic pre-amplifiers, signal processors, A-D & D-A converters and interfaces
  • Vintage and current digital delays, processors and reverbs
  • Restoration of vintage equipment
  • Modifications
  • Musical instrument amplifiers
  • Vintage and high end HiFi equipment

All repair and maintenance services include extensive testing before and after service at no extra charge.

IT Support

IT Services are available primarily for computers used in recording audio and video, but general IT support is also available.