I’m Back!

After 30 years or so of wandering in the IT, Internet and software world, I’m back to where I started, working on the technology I really love; audio.

Since I stepped out of the audio world in 1990, I’ve started multiple companies, had some success and learned quite a lot. Throughout it all, I’ve dabbled a bit in audio, engineering 25 years of Seattle Opera’s radio broadcasts, recording the 2013 Ring for the 2014 CD release, as well as various other classical and vocal recordings.

I’ve restored a fair amount of vintage stereo and pro audio gear for fun, but now I figure I’ll spend the next few years working with the gear and people I like as a business.

I’m excited to be back in the business of supporting you, the audio professional and musician, at a time where the quality of audio is again very important. I’m also excited by the new technology available to me to test and understand what is going on in analog and digital gear at a very deep level. Ideally, this will let me give you, the audio professional and musician, the highest quality audio possible.

I look forward to touching base with old friends, making new ones and discovering how to make everyone sound the best they can!